Vision Game Labs

Co-founders Dr Luke Anderson and Dr Stephanie Campbell both work within the NHS, Stephanie is a Vision Scientist and an NHS Optometrist and Luke is a Consultant Eye Surgeon.

Luke and Stephanie both understand the difficulties of testing children’s vision, this can be due to children's lack of concentration and inability to read a letter chart, this leads to further appointments and additional stress on NHS resources. Currently routine checks should be done on all four year old children in Wales, however, this is not always the case. Vision Game Labs aim to solve the problem of the lack of testing in small children.



Young children who struggle in class quite often have undiagnosed poor eyesight and struggle to learn because they can’t see the board. Vision Game Labs wanted to create a gamified eye test utilising AI to diagnose eye conditions.


Early Identification of Eye Conditions Utilising Artificial Intelligence

Luke and Stephanie believe that in the 21st century, most blindness is preventable.  But patients must be identified early. They came up with an idea of testing eye sight in children through a playful serious game, allowing children as young as two to be screened for eye problems. The game tests for visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and colour sensitivity and allows patients to measure their eyesight at home. This has the potential to revolutionise initial eye screening and contribute to efficiencies in health services.


A Modern Eye Test Designed for Retaining Children’s Attention

The technology within this app interacts with a fiducial marker to track a patient's head position in relation to the iPad camera. General eye tests work based on distance so CEMET worked with VGL to find an alternative. The game uses colourful animation to keep children interested. It collates patient data and tests results allowing optomotrist and parents to see a decline in vision. 

The health industry has been turning to technology to improve its services for years. Luke and Stephanie saw the potential and due to their forward thinking and collaboration with CEMET their app is currently undergoing clinical trials.

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