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Ultranyx came to CEMET for support in developing their product that provides total data security with no risk of data breach, as the risk of a cyber-attack is growing and the need for Prizsm has become greater than ever. Ultranyx has radically re-thought and re-engineered conventional data security to build a flexible, simultaneous, multi-cloud data distribution and storage software that delivers a hyper secure protection for businesses against cyber-attacks and loss of data.

Prizsm integrates a cloud infrastructure into your existing business model without altering your business processes or adding complex changes to your operations. It is designed to work alongside and enhance your current security and protection. Prizsm’s unique ability to securely store data simultaneously on multiple clouds means the business benefits from full cloud flexibility. Prizsm also delivers a full disaster recovery process as a result of its software defined structure. It has a standard integral failsafe so in the event of a cloud failure Priszm can still deliver 100% capability. Previously cloud failures result in total data loss & crippling downtimes, but with Prizsm in place the business can ensure normal operational delivery.

Prizsm is also fully GDPR compliant in respect of the enhanced requirements of three key aspects, Data Storage, Accountability and Integrity and Confidentiality. Prizsm has been constructed on the twin principles of ‘Privacy by Design’ and ‘Security by Design’ which ensures that it can be integrated into any GDPR audit and compliance process that can be requested under the Accountability clause of Article 5.

CEMET has worked with Ultranyx to achieve a proof of concept and first version of Prizsm, but their journey in R&D will continue with Prizsm as the avenue of securing data is ever changing. Prizsm is included within the Digital Dozen with Innovation point which will provide them support and guidance in further developing their product. To find out more about Prizsm visit and follow them on twitter @prizsm_uk.