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James Cosgrove
Graduate Programmer

In his spare time James likes to produce music, play games, especially FPS games and MOBAs, as well as building/repairing computers.

James has been producing music for over 5 years in different kinds of genres which has allowed him to gain an insight into sound design, musical arrangement and general creativity. James likes to watch TV shows and films especially in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre. James has been travelling to France on a yearly basis since he was very young and have become a proficient Skier.

James graduated from the University of South Wales with a honours degree in Computer Forensics. During his study, he learnt the principles of Cyber Security, Digital Forensics as well as learning various programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Pearl and C.

At CEMET James is a graduate programmer, he works on an array of projects including Mobile App Development and Virtual Reality.