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Ikram Asghar
R&D Associate

Ikram recently completed his PhD from Bournemouth University and has a passion for improving human-technology interaction (HTI) through user-centric approaches. During his PhD, he investigated the “Impact of Assistive Technologies in Supporting People with Dementia”. He performed requirements analysis, design and developed an assistive application and evaluated its usability through case studies. He has published many research papers, including five during 2017. Previously he has worked as a lecturer and system engineer. He has experience of working with care homes and hospitals, arranging technology exhibitions and writing research funding proposals.

Ikram has won many awards throughout his career including ‘Academic Excellence Award’, ‘Most Creative Award’ at Bournemouth University and ‘Brave Award’ at Motorola Solutions.

In his spare time, Ikram likes to travel, cook and play cricket. His dream is to visit at least 100 universities around the world.