Here you can access CEMET press releases, independent project reviews, event brochures and marketing publications. 


Digital Festival

Why CEMET client Ultranyx started their journey into R&D and came up with the concept of Prizsm. "So we just got on and built it."

FSB South Wales Voice

CEMET will be holding a masterclass with the FSB on the 12th of September. 

Business News Wales

£6.4m Project to Drive Research in Helping Businesses Develop Cutting-Edge Technologies

USW announces CEMET
The University of South Wales announces the CEMET project. CEMET is partly funded by USW and by ERDF. 


BBC News

BBC had a look at how Evoke's Cartoon monkey Moe could help child witnesses give statements to police. 

BBC News

Speaks to Dr Luke Anderson about the serious game used to test children's eyesight. 

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CEMET Launch Event

CEMET holds it official launch with the industry, Welsh Government and USW present. 

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How CEMET collaboration with Evoke in developing Moe could help children speak up and improve knowledge retention. 

University of South Wales

USW speaks to Dr Luke Anderson about the their collaborative project with CEMET Space Vison.


Welsh Government announcement
Mark Drakeford announces that the Welsh Government has given the green light to the £6.4m CEMET project.