Chris Osmond, Director of Flik believes that the media we consume should be more exciting and social, that videos and photos offer an opportunity for something more than passive viewing. They should be used as a canvas for a user and their friends to add their own creativity.

With this in mind, Chris came to CEMET to collaborate on a fun new way to interact with the media we create and consume. Focusing on extreme sports, Flik’s target market is young and adventurous. The iOS app complements this with innovative interactions and a bold, fully saturated colour pallet.

Flik challenges convention with innovative ways to scrub through video clips and provides the user with a deep level customisation to make their video or photo truly unique.

Through the Flik iOS app, a user is able to record a video or take a photo, send it to their friends via an iMessage extension, the friends can then ‘hack’ the video or photo. By hacking they are able to add, and fully manipulate graphic stickers, create their own gradient overlays, add and customise text and then share it back to the friend’s group.

 To keep up to date on the release of flik follow @flikclip and visit www.flikclip.com