Evoke Education

Evoke Education have created a new fun way of educating children. All children have a favourite character and Evoke want it to be Moe the monkey. Through the character teachers can interact in real time with children, making learning engaging and encouraging concentration.



Evoke aim to improve knowledge retention in the classroom

We found that interactive technologies such as VR and AR weren’t being used enough in schools and we thought we need to bring this technology into mainstream learning
— David Hinton, Evoke Education

Delivering an Engaging Learning Experience

Evoke Education came to CEMET with their concept and aim to introduce Augmented Reality within schools. Working collaboratively CEMET have supported Evoke to bring Moe to market. The product has been tested with children and teachers in Wales to really ensure that all aspects of the experience has been taken into consideration. 

The product is made up of two components, the imagination station which is how the children interact with Moe and the back end, for the teachers eyes only. Through motion-capture technology teachers can interact with the children as Moe. Moe is not restricted by language or dialects and interacts in real time with the children just like the teacher would. 

User testing we’ve undertaken suggests this product is an immersive experience for the children, they are captivated and retain information when talking and listening to Moe.
— Clayton Jones, CEMET Programme Manager

Branching Out into Unexpected Markets

The Police and a vulnerable peoples agency have shown interest in the technology to aid them with interviewing vulnerable children. CEMET are currently undertaking research on the benefit of using AR within education and its effect on knowledge retention. Evoke have enlisted the help of the University of South Wales' psychology department to research the psychological aspect of using this technology to interviewing vulnerable children. David Hinton and the Universities psychologist Rachel Taylor appeared on the Crimewatch Roadshow in June 2018 to talk about the product. 

We thought CEMET sounded to good to be true, but we have found that it’s amazing. This is one of these things that is unbelievably fantastic. They understand the technology deeper than we do and helped us developed this and take it further than we probably would have ever done. We are so impressed with the CEMET programme
— David Hinton, Evoke Education

For more information visit their website www.evoke-education.com and if you are interested in following Evoke Educations journey or introducing Moe the monkey in your school follow them on twitter @evoke-education or contact them at daniella@evoke-education.com