Diamond Centre Wales

Diamond Centre Wales understand the importance of capturing special moments and how a unique piece of jewellery can carry those moments with you forever.  Their main priority is making sure that you get exactly what you envisage, being 100% happy with your creation!

Talbot Green


DCW create bespoke jewellery for their clients, they needed an Augmented Reality solution to show clients what their new jewellery looks like on their finger before being produced.


A More Hands-on Customer Experience

They excel at customer service and to step it up a notch they came to CEMET for support with virtual shopping technology. Their project aim was to give you a better idea of what your jewellery will look like before it is made. The solution is an application which has a 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) view. The 3D view allows you to manipulate and customise individual parts of the jewellery while the AR view allows you to see how it would look on your person. You can view it at home, show it to friends and family and make a decision on any changes to ensure it is the perfect piece for you!

Diamond Centre Wales are always ahead of the game and want to use technology to ensure the best possible solution for you, the best customer service and the best jewellery!

For more information visit their website www.diamondcentrewales.com or contact them enquiries@diamondcentrewales.com, 01443 222375