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Dann Rees
Senior Programmer

In his spare time Dann enjoys developing personal game ideas and concepts, along with playing games, particularly RPGs.

He also enjoys painting miniatures and has won a competition for his work. Recently he took a trip to Japan and ensured he learned a little of the language before he went, after his visit he keen to learn more. Dann also likes playing and watching football along with playing acoustic guitar and trying a bit of singing.

Dann is our Senior Programmer and he has 15 years’ experience in this sector. He specialises in iOS apps and game development with Unity and Unreal Engine 4. He also has knowledge and experience in other areas such as .NET, OpenCV and ANNs. He has a first class BA in Game Art and Animation with experience in 3dsmax, Zbrush, Photoshop and many other game art/pipeline tools. Within the team he is responsible for mentoring other developers, reviewing code, advising on system architecture and sharing his knowledge with the team. 

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