Welsh Industry Cyber Security Summit 2018 

19th of April - Celtic Manor, Newport

CEMET partnered with the University of South Wales Cyber team, TARIAN, Welsh Government, Alert Logic, Qinetiq and Wales’ Cyber Clusters to bring you the Welsh Industry Cyber Security Summit 2018 at the Celtic Manor on the 19th of April 2018.

We brought the four pillars of Cyber Wales together:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Business

  • Government

  • Academia

Giving you an insight into how each pillar combats the threat of cyber. We heard from Tarian’s Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Matchett and Detective Sergeant Warren Davies about the landscape of cybercrime in Wales and the part the Regional Organised Crime Unit plays in disruption of cyber-criminal activities, the current protect and prevent campaign along with case studies of the different kind of scenarios TARIAN have encountered and the many ways in which they investigate.

Max Bruce, Action Fraud’s Cyber Protect Officer from the City of London Police shared shocking stats on how just below 50% of all crime in England and Wales was cyber or fraud. He highlighted the importance of reporting multiple crimes of the same attack and how this can give a bigger scope to investigate. The importance of a good quality password and the importance of cyber essentials for your company was also highlighted. 

In the business section Bryan Lillie, Qinetiq stressed the importance of working in partnership with experts, professionals and society. Alert Logic’s Dan Pitman discussed the great landscape before Damon Rands made us aware of the 5 main ways we are vulnerable 1. Social Media, 2. Public WIFI, 3. Not Patching, 4. Non-Secure Devices 5. People - simple mistakes like leaving laptops unattended and bad habits.

Prizsm then shared with delegate a solution, their new innovative software that could protect your business using encryption to safely store data on multiple clouds.

The Government section kicked off with Jonathan Fortune discussing Welsh Governments responsibility to cyber security and how they are creating an environment that stimulates Cyber in Wales. Lt Col Mark Davis from the Defence and Security Organisation at the Department of International Trade shared The UK’s new cyber security export strategy, how they facilitate and can support businesses with international cyber business.

Universities are gearing up to develop the new generation of cyber experts, Clare Johnson from the University of South Wales explaining how the National Cyber Academy creates an unique learning experience, promoting self-sufficient learning and making sure their students get industry experience. Sara Correia of Swansea University shared their University plan to move the law school to the new bay campus allowing her department to work closely with the faculty of computing on cyber. She also shared her research into the victims of cybercrime where she profiles victims of fraud and computer crime from individuals and SMEs. Who are the repeat victims according to data, response to victims and how can this be improved to reduce victimisation.

The event was a great success bringing individuals from all four pillars together through a common cause. Giving delegates the opportunity to interact across sector, find ways of working together to combat the threat of cyber crime and make Wales a secure place to do business.

The events programme is available to download on the website hub and please feel free to contact cemetevents@southwales.ac.uk with any inquiries.