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Chris Mair
UX/UI Designer

Chris enjoys spending his free time watching films, playing games and occasionally a bit of rock-climbing.

He enjoys traveling and is always excited to experience and learn about the places he visits. He has been playing guitar on and off for roughly 10 years and still dabbles in it now and then. Before moving to university to study design, he played cricket for 13 years in Ross-on-Wye, moving up the ranks and eventually playing in the first XI.

Chris graduated with a First-class BA in Graphic Communication at Cardiff Metropolitan University. As a graduate he was quickly hired by an established agency as a web designer with a strong focus on UX before moving across to CEMET. Chris is passionate about producing top quality work that hits the mark with the target market, focusing on producing value for both client and user. With lots of knowledge and experience in UX/UI he is responsible for design at CEMET.