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Social media is evolving and it is now the way we share our world with others. Thaw wanted to design a platform which brought people together through their locality and interests, rather than who they know. Once a photo is shared, people would instantly see where their images would fit into the local picture, news, events, movements while connecting their voice to the global story. Images wouldn’t need hashtags or mentions but using Artificial Intelligence to categorise images and then displaying them on a map interface for engagement.

Thaw approached CEMET to help with the data flow of the app, the interface, clustering images through location and using an AI engine to categorise the images.

“The interaction with CEMET allowed us to gain a huge host of skills in a short period of time, which would have taken us time and manpower to gather ourselves.” Nick, Thaw Technology.

Thaw is aiming to use the app on many levels;

  • Initially for social and news, where users can see what’s going on around them, what’s “hot” and current in their area.

  • This will be followed by a commercial licence release, allowing companies to use the engine to help users upload content to various platforms, such as review sites.

  • They will later release an industry version for cataloguing and characterisation of assets, helping to reduce time and error, but also leave an incredible level of traceability for infrastructure management.

For more information about Thaw please follow @THAWLtd, visit the website and if you have any enquiries email