CEMET Client Case Studies


Vision Game Labs - Space Vision

Co-founders Dr Luke Anderson and Dr Stephanie Campbell have a history of thinking out side of the box to improve aspects of the health care industry. Both saw the problems with testing children's eye sight on the NHS and parents. Space Vision is their solution. 

Evoke Education.jpg

Evoke Education

Evoke Education has created a new fun way of educating children. All children have a favourite character and Evoke want it to be Moe! Using AR and connective technology teachers can interact with the children as Moe with the aim to improve knowledge retention. 

Energy Transitions

CEMET are currently collaborating on a exciting architectural Virtual Reality product with Energy Transitions. They required a VR solution to showcase their Steel Zero product allowing them to promote their product globally. 

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Ultranyx aim to remove the risk of data loss by creating a secure way of utilising cloud storage. Prizsm’s unique data encryption and distribution over multiple cloud storage points delivers hyper secure protection engineered for the cyber challenges business face every day.