CEMET Client Case Studies


Vision Game Labs - Space Vision

Co-founders Dr Luke Anderson and Dr Stephanie Campbell have a history of thinking out side of the box to improve aspects of the health care industry. Both saw the problems with testing children's eye sight on the NHS and parents. Space Vision is their solution. 

Evoke Education.jpg

Evoke Education

Evoke Education has created a new fun way of educating children. All children have a favourite character and Evoke want it to be Moe! Using AR and connective technology teachers can interact with the children as Moe with the aim to improve knowledge retention. 

Prizsm logo.png


Ultranyx aim to remove the risk of data loss by creating a secure way of utilising cloud storage. Prizsm’s unique data encryption and distribution over multiple cloud storage points delivers hyper secure protection engineered for the cyber challenges business face every day. 

Motion Rail Logo.jpg

Motion Rail

Emma Gilchrist, Managing Director of Motion Rail approached CEMET with and idea to utilise Virtual Reality (VR) to enhance their workforce training programme and to educate children about  the dangers of playing on railway tracks.


Four Minutes

Can you save a life in 4 minutes? In the case of a sudden cardiac arrest, you have less than 4 minutes to react before brain damage is likely. Four Minutes turned to Mixed Reality to improve CPR training. 


Blossom Life

Do you have trouble sleeping? Blossom life want to give you the perfect night’s sleep with their Dojo sleeping companion, a “tech-free” tech device that intercepts noise to ensure your sleep goes undisturbed. It helps you fall asleep, maintain a deep sleep and wake up invigorated.

Thaw blue on white.JPG

Thaw Technology

Social media is evolving and it is now the way we share our world with others. Thaw wanted to design a platform which brought people together through their locality and interests, rather than who they know. Using AI engine to categorise images and cluster images. 


Near Me Now

Near Me Now are passionate about their local high street which is why they are aiming to revitalise the way we shop. Introducing the Near Me Now app which brings deals straight from the high street shop to your phone by news feed, map or Augmented Reality View. 



The iOS app is a fun new way to interact with the media we create and consume. It complements this with innovative interactions and a bold, fully saturated colour pallet.

DCW Logo.png

Diamond Centre Wales

Diamond Centre Wales understand the importance of being 100% happy with your unique jewellery creation. They turned to technology to ensure the best possible process for their clients, using Augmented Reality to give you a realistic preview of your jewellery.