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According to NHS research, the majority of people suffer from occasional sleep problems. The advice to those finding it difficult to get to sleep, or stay asleep, is to take simple behavioural steps such as going to bed at the same time and adopting a relaxing routine to unwind. Blossom Life want to help you achieve this by using mindfulness and meditation techniques delivered through their Mango app and Dojo sleeping companion.


Health and Wellness

As cities become more populated, more people have disrupted sleep patterns from noise and other environmental factors.

The practical payoff of mindfulness is backed by dozen of studies linking it to better sleep, job satisfaction, rational thinking and emotional resilience
— New York Times

Improving Quality of Sleep Using Emerging Tehnology

Placing the Dojo sleeping companion in your bedroom guides you to a better sleep. Whilst monitoring key aspects of your environment it actively compensates for intrusive elements in order to maintain a deep and restful sleep. 

Humans are hard wired to take notice of natural sounds rather than chatter and white noise, Dojo can intercept background noise and replace it with natural sounds, allowing us to paint a picture of a serene, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, detaching us from our surroundings and stress. By setting the scene with a human voice or natural sound it will allow you to prepare for sleep, focus, relax and reduce tension. 

As little as 10 minutes listening to natural sounds can lower stress and heart rates, and reduce the amount of adrenaline and cortisol in your body. Dr Luke Sanger has created Mango to prove the concept then worked with CEMET to build the software and hardware for create the Dojo sleeping companion.

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