CEMET Process

At CEMET we use a three stage collaborative R&D process to transform your innovative idea into a high quality product.

The process ensures that you are best placed to capitalise on the collaboration, with the aim of stimulating business growth. 

We provide a full suite of support from concept analysis, business diagnostic, product road-mapping, collaborative R&D and route to market.



Business Diagnostic

Business Diagnostic

Stage One

The first stage of the CEMET programme involves discussing your initial idea and assisting you to create a viable R&D proposal. 

We will support you in developing a product road-map, ensuring that your business is appropriately positioned to conduct R&D activity, both during our collaboration and post CEMET engagement. CEMET will assist you in ensuring there is a sustainable plan, defining goals and targets to support your long term R&D aims. 

CEMET houses a dedicated R&D team with expertise in Machine Learning, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Data Visualisation, Internet of Things, M-Health and many more emerging and enabling technologies. 

Collaborative Research and Development

Collaborative R&D

Stage Two

The collaborative R&D process begins during the second stage of the CEMET programme.

We will support you in formalising project objectives and scope, ensuring that the planned R&D activity is focused and time is effectively utilised. Using Scrum project management methodology, we will work with you to iterate product development incorporating regular knowledge exchange. 

Whether your product is a proof of concept, prototype, a minimum viable product, or market ready, we can assist you in exploiting a wide range of emerging technologies. 


Route to Market

Route to Market

Stage Three

Stage three of the CEMET programme brings the collaboration to an orderly conclusion.

By ensuring the R&D, knowledge transfer and road-mapping processes have been achieved, you will be in a prime position to capitalise on your product and create a sustainable impact within the Welsh economy. 

The CEMET team will also work with you to create a longer term product road-map and formally introduce you to businesses, initiatives and additional funding opportunities that will enable you to further develop your product.